June 19, 2017

I got a pretty huge and unexpected raise at work. Sounds delightful but now even though I may bring home like an extra 50 bucks a paycheck, I no longer qualify for daycare assistance. So I get 100$ more a month and now am responsible for 175$ a WEEK in daycare. I'm freaking out because I can't  do that.

Seven hundred a month for daycare??? What the fuck am I supposed to do? That's 50 bucks less than my damn rent. That's almost an entire 2 week paycheck.

I can't ask for less money, I already tried. And I can't go part time because I wouldn'tbe able to get a morning shift so I could pick her up before 6pm when daycare closes, and no other daycare in our shitty county is open after 6.

I'm running myself into the ground trying to figure out what to do, and I have about 14 days to figure it out.

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